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In our times, in order to function effectively in the business world there is often a need to establish contacts with foreign partners who are not always reliable payers. Recovery from the foreign partner requires an efficient movement in the legislation of other countries as well as good knowledge of the habits of the country.

    The DRW company deals with complex debt service from its inception. Our specialists are at the stage of reminder procedures shall examine each of the matters submitted by the customer to select the individual - the most effective - the path of conduct. Verification and companies (telephone, email and postal). In particular, we take care to fill in all the procedures specified in an agreement between creditor and debtor (prompts call for payment) in order to ensure the rapid start of the procedure execution. Therefore, the debtor receives a signal that his claim is subject to strict supervision, which in practice speeds up the recovery process.

    On request, our specialists can carry out recovery operations at the headquarters of the Debtor (off-road recovery outside the country), while making arrangements to verify the debtor's current financial situation and to obtain additional information about the ingredients of the property. This is particularly important in the case of the talks aimed at signing an agreement allowing payment by installments, while regulating the current dues.

    In the absence of recovery amicably, it shall initiate proceedings, and after obtaining the relevant document begin enforcement proceedings.