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If you exhaust all possibilities way to recovery debt, it is necessary to implement the execution procedure. DRW's team of specialists cooperating with the law firm provides full service, from referral to court debt, until to repaid.

The actions taken at this stage, we offer:
  • Preparation of proposals related to the choice path collection agency,
• Conduct and supervision of the judicial process (recourse to the courts for an injunction to pay and give it a declaration of enforceability),
• initiation and supervision of enforcement proceedings,
• in the case of ineffective enforcement proceedings to prepare a request for debt write-off against specific provisions,
• correspondence with the debtor and third parties (court bailiff)
• representation in matters addressed to the Court.

Lawyers of law firm, with whom we work have many years experience in litigation and enforcement (also in the banking sector), so that the time associated with obtaining appropriate sentences and clauses and implementation of enforced collection is limited to the minimum.