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In our time, more and more debtors have a problem with the timely settlement of their claims. The most common reason for this is revaluation of creditworthiness, the deterioration of the financial status of the Debtor related eg loss of job (natural persons) or loss of financial liquidity (legal entities). In many cases the only solution to recover the debt in whole or part is often a debt restructuring. Often it is the only way to protect against the bankruptcy debtor and the opportunity to conduct recovery of our clients.
The DRW MNI company also operates measures to evaluate the possibility of payment by the debtor (gathering all the necessary information on assets, debt, and conducted legal proceedings against the debtor and enforcement, and criminal-bills, etc.).

As part of the arbitration,

Our specialists take:
• negotiations with the debtor,
• make proposals of settlement proceedings along with the proposed path of conduct for governing bodies Creditor (or decision-making by our specialists within the limits set by the Creditor)
• prepare a settlement agreement.

   All settlement agreements are subject to further monitoring procedure, so that our customers are not forced to further engage in overseeing the timeliness of payment by their debtors.