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An extremely important element for the proper functioning of the company is a timely impact claims. It allows planning for future expenditures while reducing the risk of losing liquidity. This is especially important when a company called support. bulk customers. Therefore, we DRW meet the needs of our customers offer payment monitoring service consisting in recalling the date of payment by:

  • send short text messages to mobile phones
  • send short voice messages to mobile phones
  • contact us via debt collectors who remind us of the impending due date of the invoice.

At the request of the Customer, we can provide service under your name.

  In case of default in payment of the monitoring period, we implement the so-called. writ proceedings, during which:
• make contact by phone with the debtor through specialized of telephone negotiators who are engaged in negotiations related to the maturity term receivables,
• the reasons of debt:
• we set deadlines of debt repayment
• receive faxes from the Debtors with the application and copies of receipts,
• collect, gather and process information on the effects of telephone monitoring.

In the process of reminder we also support mail correspondence:
• dispatch of correspondence writ (prompts call for payment, notice or before court request for payment)
• list of incoming and outgoing mail,
• handling correspondence phrases.

DRW MNI Stock Company Limited Partnership is a partner of the National Debt Register (Krajowy Rejestr Długów) and has the right to place the logo KRD.

  Recovery Debt

   Where a writ proceeding is not completed repayment of debts will be implemented - on request - procedure to verify the financial and economic situation of the Debtor in his office or place of residence, ie. off-road recovery.

Debt collection, in step before court correspondence:

• negotiating debt repayment in the place or premises dwell debtor,
• gather and provide information on the causes of default and the debtor's financial situation,
• take over of property (if it will be applied for creditor),
• provide the documentation required by the creditor, eg death certificate.

   If it is determined that the matter has conducted a criminal offense, our debt collector  will prepare an appropriate note business, who may be annexed to the application addressed to law enforcement authorities to institute criminal proceedings against the debtor.