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Ladies and Gentlemen,

DRW MNI SA Limited Partnership is an entity formed by the transformation of an investment firm - primarily dealing with management and real estate - in the company, forming the continuation of activities of its predecessor, whose scope has been expanded to include restructuring and debt recovery. Creating an organizational structure invited the experts with years of experience in business organization, in order to create tools for the effective investigation of the Debtors' claims of our clients.

   Our offer is primarily addressed to the institutions serving customers as well as the mass of small and medium business and leasing transactions. Our activities mainly include:
■ Monitoring and reprimanding writ (writ correspondence and telephone contact)
■Direct contact with debtor (personal contact with the debtor through local debt collectors)
■Conciliatory activities (settlement procedure for those with financial problems that prevent the immediate repayment of debt)
■ Litigation and Enforcement (applying to court for an order for payment and a declaration of enforceability and the initiation and monitoring of enforcement proceedings, requesting for a European Enforcement outside the country)

   Conducting the proceedings of debt collection on behalf of our clients we care about:
■ professional service,
■ good image of our clients,
■ quick and efficient recovery receivables
■handling cases with the compatibility of the legislation in force
■ security of personal data and confidentiality of information entrusted to us (our base was reported to the Inspector General for Personal Data)

   By creating its procedures were guided primarily by our experienced staff in the investigation due to the different stages of the proceedings, as well as the generally accepted ethical principles that have been included, inter alia, the Codex of Good Practice of Debt Collection set out by the Confederation of Financial Companies in Poland.

   We do not charge any paymants in advance. Remuneration for conducting debt collection activities is based on commission rates of recovered amounts. Only in cases conducted outside the country - if you need to take advantage of local debt collector services - you may need to pay a one-time initial fee.

  Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to familiarize with the scope of services provided by DRW MNI Stock Company Limited Partnership and benefit from our experience.